Septic Systems

Septic systems are often overlooked on any building project until they fail. They require an accurate soil and site evaluation and a design that takes into account the specific needs and requirements of the user and a quality installation. At Schmitt & Sons Excavating Inc. we handle every aspect of a septic system from soil & site evaluation, design, installation, maintenance, and evaluations.  We offer Free septic system troubleshooting!

Soil & Site Evaluations (perk test)
Tom Schmitt handles the soil & site evaluations. Tom is a graduate of UW River Falls with a degree in soil science and is a Wisconsin certified soil tester (#227429) along with 24 years of excavating experience. Tom has the soil expertise, excavating experience and willingness to take the time needed to achieve the best layout for a project.

Septic System Design
John Schmitt does the septic system design. John has a designer of engineering system license (#1927-7) and a master plumbing license (#223760). John’s 30+ years of installing and evaluating systems have allowed him to see what works, what is maintainable and what doesn’t work. John will take the time to find out your specific needs and design accordingly, from simple gravity systems to aerobic treatment units (ATUs).

New and Replacement Septic System Installation
At Schmitt & Sons Excavating Inc., not only are we the plumber, we are also the excavator so it is us and only us from start to finish on a septic system installation. We use the best material and technology available to make a system that is easily maintained while giving a long service life. We service and stand behind what we install.

Septic systems require regular maintenance and from time to time need repair. We can handle all of your septic system maintenance and repairs. When a septic system is designed, a maintenance and management plan is included and should be given to the homeowner. If you don’t have one we can try to obtain the one for your system or we can create one for you.

Existing POWTS (Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems) Evaluation
John Schmitt is a WOWRA (Wisconsin Onsite Water Recycling Association) member and Certified Existing POWTS Evaluator (#2008035). He is only one of 70 in the state. Our evaluations are thorough, complete and meaningful meant to educate and inform the owner as to the condition of their system.

Please Contact John or Tom for Septic Related Questions

John Schmitt

Tom Schmitt